Whole Home Remodels

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most popular home remodeling projects out there, but you can’t neglect the rest of your house! Our whole home remodeling services include room additions, basements, garages, offices, decks, patios, and more!


While an unfinished basement works great as extra storage space, a basement remodeling project can be so much more. A lower-cost remodel can transform your unused space into an additional living area, such as a home theater, craft room, or playroom. At a higher cost, one of the best ways to add value to your property is by adding an additional bedroom or bathroom! A full basement renovation requires the knowledgeable assistance of experts since building code is a necessity. In most places, for a space to be considered a bedroom, it must have at least two options for exit out of the property and a closet. Adding egresses (or exits) require a lot of work involving breaking into foundation walls, reinforcing frames, and ensuring the structure is sound. For bathrooms, plumbing, wiring, and fixtures can also be difficult for the average homeowner to DIY and can often be hazardous or outright dangerous with risk of moisture exposure, electrical shock, or a severe damaging flaw in the plans that could cost your home thousands later on. 

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House Additions

Whether you have a large or small home, room and house additions and room extensions are priceless investments. One of the biggest home addition projects is adding a second story to your house. Depending on the size of your home, this addition can run anywhere between $60,000-$600,000 and adds significant square footage and resale value to your home. On a less expensive side, some of the best ideas for additions include kitchen and living room extensions, garage additions for more cars or extra storage space, mudrooms and sunrooms, or even something as small as a bay window for extra depth. 


When it comes to budgeting, home office remodels are some of the most flexible projects. It’s easy to get a great result with a lower budget with the added possibility of investing more money on bigger changes. Whether you’re a graphic designer, an accountant, or a musician, you want your home office to be a place where you can do the absolute best work you are capable of. Choose designs, colors, and furniture that’s conducive to your work. Some desk and shelving setups aren’t the best for one career but are ideal for others. For example, if you need a space for instruments, a peg board is a great way to keep everything organized. If you’re an accountant, a good filing system coupled with efficient tech is absolutely crucial! Where do you intend to place all that paperwork, the printer, scanner, and books you may need to reference?

Whole Home Remodels

Whole Home Remodels

The options to improve your home are essentially limitless. Whole home remodels can be done in pieces or all at once if you’re interested in getting your new budget fixer-upper off the ground. From the attic to the yard, there’s nothing Emerald Builders of Chicago can’t do. Call us today to share the vision for your home from the smallest bathroom remodel to a full overhaul. We’ll give you the fresh start you’ve been craving! 

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