Kitchen Remodeling Trends You Didn’t Know About

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Once again we’re facing the new year, and subsequently new trends in the remodeling industry. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to change the entire look of your kitchen, but rather maybe a few, slight differences; like cabinet upgrades or a new backsplash. Whatever you’re looking to change for the 2021 year, Emerald Builders can give you a hand from the concept to completion of the job. Here are a few ideas to consider for the near year:

  • Backsplash: The backsplash is an underrated part of the kitchen, but it’s a very important piece. It actually has two functions. It can be the focal piece of the room or simply accompany the main theme. The second function is protecting the wall from splatters; as well as other messes that might happen from cooking.
  • Cabinets: Choosing the right design for the cabinets is very important because it takes up the entirety of the room. With some remodels, changing the cabinets is enough to give the room a brand new style.
  • Flooring: Flooring is important because it has to handle the daily traffic of one of the busiest rooms in the house. On top of that, it has to stand up to any spills and messes that will occur. Durability is important, but so is comfort. For avid chefs, you may want to look into a spongy and soft floor, for long periods of cooking.
  • Kitchen Island: Do you need countertop space in the kitchen? Installing a kitchen island is the way to go! Not only that, but it can give you extra space for a sink, the microwave, cabinet storage, an oven, and so much more.
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